Box of 12 OOOM pouches

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Heavenly light crisps of cool dried yummy fruits and vegs blended with adaptogen plants.

Discover its astounding properties and order here your OOOM box: 12 pouches of 12g each.

Now imagine that each pouch has got more than 100 grams of cool dried fresh nutriments and that you will have more than 1kg of them in this box!


In stock


The recipe of OOOM will still be kept secret but not its effects in escorting people through a fulfilling and thriving life. As a clue of that, it has an approved European Food Authority claim that it supports your metabolism in yielding adaptive energy, so you can live your life to the fullest and thrive.
Its ingredients are cool dried to keep at best their nutritious power and you can enjoy their flavourful vortex, carrying with you more than 100 grams of nutriments in just 12 grams.

Fruits: Peaches, Strawberries, Apples.
Vegetables: Orange Carrots, Black Carrots.
Adaptogen Plants: Reishi, Lycium, Sea Buckthorn.

Nutritional Facts

OOOM is a source of Vitamin E, C, Manganese and Copper that will support you in keeping your organism in balance while pursuing your life goals.

Storage Details

This product is cool dried, a preservation method that keeps best the nutritional and organoleptic properties of food after dehydration.


Single pouch dimensions:
width 110mm; height 180mm.

Box dimensions:
lenght 237mm; width 215mm; height 183mm.